Step Six: On-Site Interview Checklist

Interview Checklist

After completing the pre-screen phase you will have a short-list of candidates who are suitable for next-step interviews. These more formal, in-depth interviews sometimes are broken down into multiple parts, depending on the size and scope of the organization. There might be several interviews that include key staff members. Regardless of how many times candidates  are brought back for interviews, it is important to be prepared with appropriate materials and to have a structured review system in place that objectively and consistently evaluates each candidate’s suitability  for the role.

The following checklist will help everyone  involved in  the interview process to be prepared:

  1. Prior to the interview, ensure that each candidate has received an email (or other communications) which includes details about the meeting location, who they will be meeting with, what they need to bring (if anything), who they should ask for on arrival, and approximately how long the meeting will take. It is advisable to ask candidates to bring a list of potential references. In fact, some employers prefer to confirm reference information in  advance of personal interviews, though it is more common to do so after you have narrowed your candidate pool to a group of potential candidates.
  2. The day of the interview, have a folder ready for each participating interviewer which includes the candidate’s resume, notes from their preliminary phone screen, or any other preliminary screening assessments, and any other relevant information collected through your process.
  3. It is a nice gesture to have a package waiting for   the candidate at the interview site. This might  include bottled water, promotional materials  with  the organization’s logo, a brochure and/or a printed copy of the organization’s history. You want to position yourself as an employer of choice, especially if you’re competing for scarce skills. A  few simple gestures like these will ensure you stand out from the average employer.

This project is funded in part by the Government of Ontario