Step Two: Prepare the Job Description

Preparing the Job Description

Writing an accurate job description that is detailed without being overly “wordy” is a vital element to finding the right candidate. Remember that this job description will also form the basis of the posting that goes out to  the public, so it needs to be as precise as possible to ensure it attracts respondents with the appropriate skill set. Job descriptions are also foundational to other HR and organizational practices, so it is beneficial to invest time in this process upfront.

Before you can write the job description you need to go through a critical process to evaluate the job and define its accountabilities. The following checklist will support your development of a complete job description:

  • Define Knowledge, Skills and Ability (KSA);
  • Determine Results and Accountability;
  • Determine Environmental Conditions; and
  • Determine Physical, Mental and Sensory Efforts


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