Step 1 – Meet with the Hiring Manager

By “Hiring Manager,” we mean the person to whom the new employee will be reporting. For many small-to- medium enterprises (SME’s), there may not be a management structure. If you are the one conducting  the search directly, you can move on to Step Two.

Before a job posting can be created, it is important to sit down with the Hiring Manager (as well as any other parties who will be involved in the decision making process). This is your “Recruiting Team.” The purpose  of this meeting is to confirm the exact job functions and expectations for the role, so that a detailed job description can be created or revised.

At this meeting, the recruiting team must also confirm the timeline and execution strategy for the recruiting process. This is an opportunity to ensure that everyone is on the same page before the actual search begins. Don’t forget to bring the Job Description Checklist included in Step Two!

This project is funded in part by the Government of Ontario.