Throughout our history, WDB has developed and fostered working partnerships with the employment and training service delivery network, industry and business support agencies, employers and various levels of government. Under the LEPC Pilot Project, WDB has worked to strengthen and broaden these partnerships, assembling a network of high level officials and subject matter experts to identify local priorities, as well as challenges and opportunities with respect to workforce development planning.

Officials representing levels of government, First Nations, economic development, education and the business community make up the LEPC Central Planning Table, which is the primary consultative body that works collaboratively with the community stakeholders to develop a LEPC Strategy and to make recommendations to the Secretariat.

Subject matter experts have assembled into three subject-matter working groups that provide focused, detailed engagement related to LMI or subject matter areas including:

  • Service Planning
  • Industry/Business Engagement
  • Intergovernmental/Inter-Ministerial initiatives

These activities will actively inform and support the Central Planning Table and the LEPC.